EPK: aljalj

Latest Release:          Title: aljalj – Dance of the Ants      Release-Date: 24.11.2023         Catalog#: CT004

Ants + Pants = Dance

In his first original CT release aljalj redefines the boundaries of electronic music with a sonic journey that’s both nostalgic and innovative. He blends euphoric trance and modular synthesis into a fresh, dance-inducing cocktail, ensuring you’re in for a wild ride. Expect stabby leads, French vocals and heart-melting breakdowns as he invites you to move to the rhythm. The CT cover art, is a visual treat that yells: “Take you by the hand and dance!” Follow this call and hear it it with your ears and feel it in your feet =)


About aljalj

aljalj emerges as a solo project from one half of the duo Casiopepe. The Berlin-based Producer, DJ and professional CT sunshine is  blends euphoric electronic house and modular synthesis into a dance-inducing cocktail.