CT005: aljalj - Dance of the Ants (Chris Gerber's Bounce Mix)

Title: Dance of the Ants (Chris Gerber’s Bounce Mix)

Artist: aljalj, Chris Gerber

Release-Date: 08.12.2024

Catalog#: CT005

Bouncing Ants

 In a sonic rendezvous Chris Gerber lends his thoughtful touch to aljalj’s debut single, “Dance of the Ants.” He takes aljalj’s modular power to new heights by injecting an extra dose of bounce into the rhythm. This remixed update contains many new features such as drums, chords and bass while keeping the spirit of the original alive. As a testament to Chris Gerber’s artistry, he seamlessly blends elements that echo the spirit of the ’90s progressive house era with a contemporary allure. Brace yourself for the harmonious marriage of CG’s progressive prowess and aljalj’s modular energy. 

CT004: aljalj - Dance of the Ants

Title: Dance of the Ants

Artist: aljalj

Release-Date: 24.11.2023

Catalog#: CT004

Aljalj’s Modular Ants

 aljalj emerges as a solo project from one half of the duo Casiopepe. The Berlin-based Producer, DJ and professional CT sunshine is releasing his debut single „Dance of the Ants“ and blends euphoric trance and modular synthesis into a dance-inducing cocktail. Expect stabby leads, French vocals and heart-melting breakdowns as he also invites human dancers to move to the rhythm. The CT cover art, is a visual treat that yells: “Take you by the hand and dance!” Follow this call and hear it it with your ears and feel it in your feet =)

CT003: Chris Gerber - Sunshine Temptation (Remixes)

Title: Sunshine Temptation (Remixes)

Artist: Chris Gerber, aljalj, Elfenberg

Release-Date: 03.03.2023

Catalog#: CT003

2 New Flavors of your Favorite Orange Juice

 aljalj’s low calorie ‚Sugarfree Mix‘ consists of cut up breakbeats and a drop that moves every fiber on the dancefloor while Elfenberg is going maximum natural in his radiant ‚Au Naturale Mix‘.

CT002: Chris Gerber - Sunshine Temptation

Title: Sunshine Temptation

Artist: Chris Gerber

Release-Date: 09.12.2022

Catalog#: CT002

Progressive House in a Bottle

Sunshine Temptation is not only the title of the release, but also a specially designed orange juice, which is shown on the cover and could be purchased at the release-party. The sunny temptation consists of a 100% natural orange juice. The track is an ode to the progressive house era of the 1990s, shining in a modern context.  

Snippets from commercials, rippling water and birdsong form the bed of the song, while a tight four on the floor beat with iconic 909 drums and a bouncy bassline set the pace. Breakbeats, bongos and recorded leads, straight from a 1984 Casio synth, take you back in time.

CT001: Chris Gerber - CU at the Venue

Title: CU at the Venue

Artist: Chris Gerber

Release-Date: 05.11.2021

Catalog#: CT001

An Ode to pioneering UK Clubs

CU at the Venue” a phrase we haven’t been able to say for a too long time was packed by Chris Gerber into a 2 track maxi single to herald the walk into the clubs post corona disaster. After a long break from releasing, Chris tweaked his synths and tried his hand at various versions of “CU at the Venue”. The file Final_version_85_finafinal then embodied the two tracks “CU” and “At the Venue”. Alongside tender vocals from Fabian Baumert, a close friend of Chris’, the release reels out as an ode to pioneering UK clubs that played a major role in shaping electronic music.

The record kicks off pretty busy as different worlds collide in “CU”. In the intro you are greeted by a breakbeat, which develops into a straight four on the floor rhythm with iconic 909 drums. Vocal chops, bongos and recorded leads straight from a 1984 Casio synth take you back to an age when the internet still made dial-up noises before you could access colourful websites through Netscape. A breakdown in the center of the track presents the soft and almost eerie vocals in their full splendour. With renewed breakbeats and an aggressive synth bass, you find yourself in a call and response thunderstorm in combination with the vocal line.
“At the Venue” takes over the second half of the maxi single introducing a dry breakbeat from second 1 which meets hard 808 bassesWith a nod to “CU”, hazy Trance pads then take you on a journey through a jungle of vocal chops and before you realise it, you end up back at the starting point of the track – a self-contained cycle.

“CU at the Venue” embodies the debut of Chris Gerber’s newly established label “Computer Toys”and can be heard worldwide starting 5th November 2021. Who knows, maybe we will see each other on the dance floor soon.